We offer

We are able, as our own product or in cooperation with our partners, to deliver most of common machinery products like castings, welded parts, grinded, turned or milled parts, assembly groups.

Our customers have a very different demands, as contract organization concern.
For the first group is very important to have only one trustworthy partner in Czech Republic and they are only a little interested in the fact, where and on which technologies their products are really produced. Such partner have no interest to travel regular to the suppliers and we are for them the only partner, they have in Czech republic. We carry full guaranties for Your goods, quality and delivery times.

Other companies want to have their own production representative, but want to have a direct connection with the producers. For such companies we are work as the technical and business advisors, organize and solve most of the thing, the daily business need, but the

Third customers have investments interests in Czech republic and want to do market or branch studies and researches. Our seat within 1 hour ride from Prague and rich contacts within Czech industry are the ground for this offer. Many customers can so be invisible for a long time, but can get the very closed information about subject of their interest.

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P.O. Box 35
512 51 Lomnice nad Popelkou
Czech republic
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Tel.: +420 481 673 323
Fax: +420 481 671 549

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