About us

DIPAK s.r.o. (ltd.) is small trade and advisor company, which main target is supporting of cooperation between Czech and foreign machinery companies.

The company has started its business under trade name Pavel Kucera in 1996, since 2003 we are doing under trade name DIPAK s.r.o.

Our main customers are producer of wood tooling machines, assembly lines for automotive industry, industrial fan, prototype and industrial pattern designer.

We built up a group of machinery producers for production of nearly all machinery products and components as castings, welded parts, tooling parts, assembly groups and whole machines like transporters or handling equipment. Most companies are smaller and middle enterprises with export share at least 30%, but some of them are exporting more then 90% of their production. Most customers are because of small regional distance from Germany, but some of them are from Switzerland, Netherland or England too.

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P.O. Box 35
512 51 Lomnice nad Popelkou
Czech republic
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Tel.: +420 481 673 323
Fax: +420 481 671 549

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